It’s time to meet your FinTech partner.

Partner with Payscape


Added value for your clients or members.


We are a technology partner, not just a merchant service partner. 


A new revenue stream for your organization.


Award-winning service and support with 12 offices throughout the US.

We are a financial technology company devoted to empowering small business with tools to succeed.

Referral Program

  • Consultative sales approach to leverage FinTech solutions.
  • The bank will discuss the client’s business needs, then refer the client to Payscape for a merchant services analysis.
  • Payscape will provide set-up, underwriting, on-going 24/7 customer service and technical support for the merchant.
  • Revenue share options
  • High touch sales team
  • Continuing education for all staff members.
  • Incentivized programs from our marketing team.

Partner with Payscape

Our dedication to payment technology and industry innovation is consistent; our mission is clear: to make it simple for business owners to collect money.

Agent Program

  • The bank uncovers all prospects and manages the sale of each account.
  • There is NO liability to the bank for our agent bank program.
  • The bank provides front line customer service for the merchants.
  • Payscape will provide technical support and underwrite all merchant accounts (Or the bank may choose to underwrite merchant accounts).
  • The Agent Bank Program allows you to earn 100% over a buy-rate.
  • The Bank will earn a higher percentage of net revenue for each merchant for the life of the account.
  • Payscape supports association registration and white labeling opportunities.

Partner with Payscape